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Return of the Jedi….

We have received a response from a galaxy far, far away, known only as Creigiau…..

A very long time ago, in a Federation not so far from here, a frightened little rabbit would sit, plan and pray. The day was good, the company was gay (well, very happy) and, with the benefit of weeks after, all seemed rewarding in every aspect. The little rabbit no longer drives at Warp, and indeed is mainly heading south (and not in the field trip sense) and, it must be explained, has offered to pick up the knights’ reins and re-gallop. Sad to say, his offer has thus far come to naught (utterly his fault).

So, subject to the following non negotiable pre-conditions, ‘the Nick’ may consider re-adopting the role of a blue badge guide for the sick, lame and lazy that are………..the Gwynfa Knights………….

1. Copious quantities of free ale

2. Ennis – sorry, The Light Saab’re, – turns up on time

3.  Copious quantities of free ale

4. Philippa stays clear of the horizon line – and does NOT wear red

5. There is a general waving of lances in favour of said offer

6. Copious quantities of free ale

I return for total compliance with the conditions laid out above, ‘the Nick’ will seek to lay on a day full of f.22, scenery to win top marks with (with which to win top marks – for those pedants who do not end sentences with prepositions), a splendidly proportioned luncheonette, subsequent pointing of lens barrels and and a speedy journey back to   a car park not too far away.

Your indulgence is craved – whatever that means.  

I bid you all adieu…

The Nick

So watch this space…. (see what I did there? Ed.)