New members are always welcome and it is easy to join.

Please print and complete the Application Form and give it to our Club Secretary, Gary Were (pictured below) and pay your joining fee of £20 either by bank transfer (see details in the application form) or by cheque payable to Gwynfa Camera Club.

Your membership will be confirmed as soon as possible and a membership number allocated. Please note, membership numbers are usually allocated at Committee meetings which normally take place on the first Tuesday of each month. If you wish us to expedite your application for any reason (eg. to enter a competition), please make this known to Gary.

Membership Fees
Our Membership Fees are made up of an annual fee and a weekly subscription. We adopt this method so that everyone pays an amount directly determined by the number of times they attend the club. In the first year we charge a one-off joining fee instead of the annual fee. We regret we are unable to take membership payments by card machine as its terms and conditions do not allow us to do so.

Joining Fee
There is a joining fee of £20. Payment can be made by bank transfer (see details in the application form) or by cheque payable to Gwynfa Camera Club. We regret we cannot accept cash or card payments.

Annual Membership Fee
After your first year, Annual Membership is £20 per person and payment is due each January. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by cheque payable to Gwynfa Camera Club. We regret we cannot accept cash.

Weekly Payment
Members also pay £3 at each meeting they attend. This covers refreshments and our weekly expenses. Gwynfa is a CASHLESS club so weekly payments are by card only.

Number & Handbook
Once you have applied and paid your membership fee, you will be issued with your membership number and your handbook. The handbook contains the full club constitution and rules for entering competitions. Please note; we do not usually have club or committee meetings in July, August and December, so applications can’t be processed during those months.

Fee Increases
Fees can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting upon a majority vote by the members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for membership of Gwynfa?

No, over the years our members ages have ranged from 18 to 80+ and everyone is welcome. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Is the club mostly for males?

No, we have one of the highest, if not the the highest, female membership of any club in Wales.

How long before I can enter a monthly competition or special challenge?

As soon you have your membership number you may enter any competition.

What happens in a monthly competition or a challenge competition?

Each member may enter two photographs (print or digital). We then invite an independent guest ‘judge’ from outside the club to give a verbal critique of the entries. They will also select first, second and third places and award marks out of 20 for all images entered.

How is ‘Photographer of the Year’ decided?

A cumulative merit table of scores decides who becomes Photographer of the Year. Only 18 of your 22 entries count, allowing you to miss a competition or two yet still compete for Photographer of the Year.

What is the ‘Picture of the Year’?

The top three photographs in each competition or challenge progress to our annual ‘Picture of the Year’ evening. On that night members vote for their favourite photographs. The photograph with the most votes is deemed to be ‘Picture of the Year’ and appears on the front page of our handbook for the following year.

Dual Club Membership

Gwynfa welcomes members who are also members of other clubs. However, if you are a member of more than one club and actively entering competitions at both, there are implications that you need to consider, not least the issue of using your photographs in outside competitions, many of which specify that a photographer can only represent one club. As this is very difficult indeed for our External Competition Secretary to police, Gwynfa will assume we have first call on your entries unless you tell us we do not. The onus is on each member to let us know if they prefer to represent a different club.