The Mole – Photographer or Terrorist?

The Mole has heard that a certain Gwynfa photographer, who may or may not have an FRPS, had an unusual visit last week after he’d ordered his usual supply of raw chemicals for mixing various toners and darkroom brews (one of the items being sulphuric acid). His online supplier mentioned when he placed the order the Royal Mail will no longer carry such items so they had changed to a private contractor. Shortly after placing the order our illustrious member, answering a knock on his door, found himself confronted by the local boys in blue who were very interested why he would want such dubious substances. Seemingly the courier had informed the Police about the unusual consignment and they had decided to investigate. The photographer in question, let’s call him ‘Dave‘, had to show the plod his prints and darkroom before they were satisfied that he was a bona fide photographer and not a terrorist cell. All eventually ended well although one of the officers quipped as he left that they have a thriving camera club in Belmarsh Prison. Enough reason to go over to the dark side we wonder?