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2013 Awards – Certificates

Gwynfa Picture of the Year night on 5th December, 2013 saw certificates of merit awarded to all the photographers who scored 20 in a 2013 Competition.

Adrian Landt 1937 Lagonda LG45 Open Ist Print and Overall Winner
Alan Shepherd A Pensive Moment Age 2nd Print
Alan Shepherd The Veteran Open 1st Print Overall Winner
Alec Stewart Emperor Dragonfly at Dawn Colour Print Chal. 2nd Print
Allan Squires Doorway to my Mind Simplicity 1st DPI Overall Winner
Allan Squires No 11 Open 1st DPI
Andy Baker Final Flourish Open 1st DPI
Bob Beynon Anglo Saxon Founder Member Open
Bob Beynon Born to ride Colour Print Chal. 1st Print Overall Winner
Bob Beynon Mans Best Friend Mono Print Chal. 2nd Print
Dave Jones Valentine bridge Curves & Angles 2nd DPI
Dave Jones A Pensive State Of Mind Mono DPI Chal. 1st DPI Overall Winner
Graham Handley Mary Age 1st DPI
Gwynfryn Jones Autumn Ingredients Open 1st Print Overall Winner
Gwynfryn Jones Needing Support Age 1st Print Overall Winner
Gwynfryn Jones The Old Ironworks Open 1st Print Overall Winner
Heidi Stewart Mating Dung Flies Open 2nd Print
Jonathan Winney Morning Age 2nd DPI
Leigh Parsons Late Night Takeaway Open 1st DPI
Leigh Parsons Helianthus Open 1st DPI
Leigh Woolford The Singing Horse Mono Print Chal. 1st Print Overall Winner
Lynda Beynon Male Common Blue Colour Print Chal.
Lynda Beynon White Water Open 2nd Print
Lynda Beynon End of the Line Industrial Landscape 1st Print Overall Winner
Martin Thomas Left behind, Yunnan Province Open 2nd DPI
Nick Jenkins The Dales Barn Colour DPI Chal. 1st Print Overall Winner
Rob Greenhill Comfortably Numb Open 1st Print Overall Winner
Robert Owens Station Roof Curves & Angles 1st Print
Steve Littlewood Kingfisher Open Ist DPI
Steve Littlewood Natural History Museum Curves & Angles 1st DPI Winner Overall
Susanna Saunders Snowdrop Simplicity 1st Print
Susanna Saunders Daffodil Admirer Open 2nd DPI
Val Shepherd Stan, maintenance man Open