Well you’ve probably been wondering where Dear Old Moley has been. Truth be told, he’s been doing a bit of modelling to supplement his income. (Burrows don’t decorate themselves you know!) In fact, some very racy (but artistic) photos of him will be soon be premiered by a wildlife tog of this parish. Dear old Moley wishes to stress out that he was photographed entirely in the wild in his natural habitat (ie. holding a doll whilst jumping over a gate late at night near Lindisfarne Castle).

Also, as recently as last Saturday the Mole spent some time under the Stanley Chell competition and was most amused to hear that the judge thought that the model in our entry entitled ‘Shhhhhh’ had a particularly long finger. Indeed, research suggests that this be true with her uncle, a member of this very club, confirming that they are freakishly long and ‘witch’ like. (Who are we to doubt a judge? Or an uncle?) The model in question declined the idea of corrective surgery but is reported to be seriously considering a suggestion made by a certain internal competition secretary, that being to simply stick the finger further up her nose so not so much is visible!

Incidentally, the Mole asked me to tell you that he though Inn Focus should’ve won the Stanley Chell! They are such nice chaps… and, if you average the number of points scored by the number of club members, we got 0.65 of a mark and they got 12…!

Your editor wishes it to be known that the opinions expressed by the Mole are not necessarily those of the management.