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Gwynfa Win 2013 Vale 7 Way

On Friday 1st February, Gwynfa won the Vale 7 Way battle against some stiff opposition. Results: Gwynfa 147 points, Inn Focus 143, Rhondda 142, Vale 135, Barry 133, Bridgend 130 and Pyle & Porthcawl 124. 20’s were given to: Dave Jones (Gwynfa) with ‘Under a Watchful Eye’; Paul Watson (Rhondda) with ‘Male Common Blue’; Mike Baker (Vale) with ‘Lighting Up Time’; Rob Beynon (Gwynfa) with ‘Back Street Biker’ and Leigh ‘Woolly’ Woolford (Gwynfa) with ‘Shhhhhh’ (which also won Best Mono Print). Best Colour Print went to Mike Baker (Vale). Judge was Roy Thomas APAGB, Hon FWPF. Full Gwynfa scores were: Under a watchful eye by Dave Jones (20), Grass Snake by Alec Stewart (17), Back Street Biker by Rob Beynon (20), Power & Detrmination by Mostyn Davies (16), Shhhhhh by Leigh Woolford (20), I didn’t eat it, honest by Chris Murphy (18), Lance Corporal Jolly by Terry Donnelly (18) and Turnstone on Harbour Wall by Heidi Stewart (18). Well done to everyone. Thanks to Heidi ‘Stewie’ Stewart for the information.