Gwynfa Storms the 2015 Welsh Salon

We are delighted to report that Gwynfa has achieved excellent results in the 2015 Welsh Salon of Photography.

Not only did we get the highest number of acceptances from a single club (48) but 9 photographs received awards. We also won the trophy for the Best Panel of DPIs (marked TM in the PDF below).

Our acceptances were by Lynda Beynon leading the way with an astonishing TEN! Others were Leigh Woolford (8), Steve Littlewood (5), Adrian Lant (5), Gwynfryn Jones (5), Rob Beynon (4), Heidi Stewart (4), Chris Tidman (3), Rob Owens (3) and Dave Owen (1). A full list of our acceptances can be found here. Well done everyone.

Special Congratulations to our award winners:

Heidi Stewart – Serenity – BEST COLOUR DPI
Gwynfryn Jones -Under Attack – BEST CREATIVE DPI
Lynda Beynon – Blue Damsel On Grass – BEST NATURE DPI
Leigh Woolford – Vestrahorn – Highly Commended
Lynda Beynon – – The Canal Basin – Highly Commended
Steve Littlewood – Winter Storm – Highly Commended
Steve Littlewood – Puffin – Highly Commended
Rob Owens – Soldier Of The 101st Airborne – Selectors Choice AS
Heidi Stewart – The Storm Chaser – Selectors Choice JM

NB. If you didn’t get accepted this time, please don’t be discouraged. A lot of very good photographs didn’t quite make it. Try again next year!