Beynons Bag Bristol Acceptances

The Beynons had a dozen acceptances between them in the 2013 Bristol International with Lynda getting 7 out of 8 (including 2 honourable mentions) and Rob getting 5 (including an honourable mention). You can view the photos by clicking on the links below. Well done to them both in getting so many acceptances in this prestigious salon!

Beynon, Lynda “Bogey Man”
Beynon, Lynda “Rhythm In The Night
Beynon, Lynda “White Water”
Beynon, Lynda “Hoverfly On Grass” (HM)
Beynon, Lynda “Male Common Blue” (HM)
Beynon, Lynda “Mirid Bug”
Beynon, Lynda “Orange Tip Butterfly”
Beynon, Robert “Anglo Saxon, Founder Member”
Beynon, Robert “Born To Ride”
Beynon, Robert “Fighting Orb Spiders” (HM)
Beynon, Robert “Mating Hoverflies”
Beynon, Robert “Small Heath Butterfly”