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2022 Gwynfa Picture of the Year – Alec Stewart

The 2022 Picture of the Year was won by Alec Stewart with his photo entitled ‘Landing Egret’ (see below).

The runner up was ‘A Pair of Orange Tip Butterflies‘ by Gary Welsby.

Below is a list of the top 10 places.

1 Landing Egret Alec Stewart
2 A Pair of Orange Tip Butterflies Gary Welsby
3 Catching the Light Cathy Coombs
4 The Girl With the Fan Chris Tidman
5= Agapanthus Blue Gill Jones
5= Peaky Blinders Gwynfryn Jones
7= Croatian Citadel Jeff Thomas
7= Royal Border Bridge Alec Stewart
9= Damselfly in the Morning Dew Rob Beynon
9= Duel in the Rain Leigh Woolford
9= Island on Lochan Dubh Leigh Woolford