Congratulations to the following members who have all had prints from the Welsh Salon selected to go forward to represent the WPF at the forthcoming PAGB Inter-Federation Competition. We’ve collected together as many of them as we can find and you can see them below. If yours are not shown there, email a copy to Leigh.

Rob Evans – Looking Up and Looking Down
Chris Tidman – The Ballerina
Chris Tidman – Swan Lake
Leigh Woolford – View from Monte Lagazuoi Piccolo
Leigh Woolford – Power of the Dolomites
Leigh Woolford – Roseberg’s Williams at Luffield

Glenn Porter – Sandwich Tern
Glenn Porter – Gannet Landing
Rob Evans – Stags on a Highland Mountain
Rob Evans – The Family
Rob Evans – The Stare

Glenn Porter – Lavender Field
Chris Tidman – Snow Queen
Chris Tidman – Looking Back
Chris Tidman – The Prisoner
Leigh Woolford – Clouds Rolling By
Leigh Woolford – Lone Photographer