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Winter Exhibition Winners 2011

Our guest selector for the 2011 Winter Exhibition was Jan Cawley EFIAP of the Vale Photographic Club. Jan has now made her deliberations and the winners are as follows:

1st in Exhibition was ‘Jungle Refreshment’ by Mark Mumford (print). Jan said: A very poignant and emotional image that never fails to bring a tear to my eye.  It`s all wrong really – A distracting background with disturbing shapes breaking up the scene, A light patch at the back of the image and the gorilla has a shadow under his chin, and yet, how it works on the emotions. What on earth – on this earth- have we done.

2nd in Exhibition was ‘Snow and Mist’ by Heidi Stewart (print). A brilliant landscape. When I look at it I can hear that crisp silence after snow and I can feel the cold.

3rd in Exhibition was. ‘Pier Head’ by Terry Donnelly (DPI). Jan said: Brilliant and very eye-catching. Nice bright colours without being over the top. A first rate image.

Best on a Welsh theme was ‘St David`s Day Parade(print) by Chris Tidman. Jan said: I don`t normally like these framed type images but in this case it isolates the soldier and goat very successfully and is a perfect example of ‘WALES’

Highly Commended was ‘Communications’ by Terry Donnelly (print). Jan said: A very well excuted image.  Very well thought out and a print of beautiful quality.

A full list of all acceptances together With Jan’s comments can be found below: