Internal Comps

2014 Picture of the Year goes to Heidi

The 2014 Picture of the Year was won by Heidi Stewart with her print entitled ‘Storm Chaser‘. This photograph will appear on the front of our 2015 handbook. The runner up was ‘Dynamo‘ by Ian Natt. The photo will appear on the greetings card we present to judges and lecturers. Here are the top five photographs in each section.

Storm Chaser (Heidi Stewart) – 30 votes
Winter Storm (Steve Littlewood) – 7 votes
Stokksnes & Vestrahorn (Leigh Woolford) – 6 votes
The Lookout (Gwynfryn Jones) – 5 votes
The Plainsman (Adrian Lant) – 5 votes

Dynamo (Ian Natt) – 20 Votes
Isn’t She Lovely (Terry Donnelly) – 18 votes
Storm Waves (Steve Littlewood) – 6 votes
Walk Over – Margot Rowlands – 6 votes
Waves at Vik (Leigh Woolford) – 5 votes

Congratulations to everyone who had a photograph get through to our ‘Picture of the Year’ competition.